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Deep clean deep fryer eliminates carbon, grease build-up

Grease Build-up fryer

Looks like new again! We have a very affordable Detail cleaning package that will have your restaurant looking new again.  Guaranteed! How about restoring your kitchen ceiling and floor tiles for starters, then detail clean all of your cooking equipment .  How good would your restaurant kitchen look then?

Recover your cooking equipment efficiency! Did you know that deep cleaning your cooking equipment will reduce your energy and maintenance cost by up to 30% saving you 35% in fewer equipment breakdowns ? This is a proving fact, also carbon build-up (grease) is the number #1 reason for restaurant fires. 

 In business the unseen is just as important as the seen. In fact the unseen can sometimes dictate what your paying guest taste, smell and ultimately spend their money on. Another fun fact. Customers believe that if your restrooms are dirty, which they can see, than how clean is your kitchen which they can not see. "This is called cause and effect ".Smart business understand the significant of those two statements and create a successful plan to address it. 

Planned Maintenance vs Maintenance. Is there really a big difference? Yes ,scheduled maintenance on essential equipment is a  key way to manage unexpected costly repairs. Managing maintenance is managing profits & cash flow for your business. 

Protecting your business from viruses and bacteria on surfaces is a critical component of proper hygiene. MRSA and Staph bacteria can live for days, if not weeks, on countertops, door knobs, working prep areas, clipboards, restroom and shelving. If you don't kill the bacteria in your restaurant, the infection will continue to spread from  person to person or pets to the next. 

How to use heat to get rid of bacteria and viruses. Controlled heat or steam can be used to kill most germs or harmful virus on surfaces usually at 140-150 degrees , 171 degree kills 99.9 % of germs and viruses. Sterilization and or disinfection of a surface takes place at 212 degrees .killing 100% of germs and viruses. Another option is non-toxic disinfectant solution called PureGreen24. It protect surfaces up to 24 hours.