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Food Cost

Better Food Cost

Food Cost

Better food cost

Better food cost

Food cost

Optimum food cost

What is food cost and what percent of your restaurant sells should it be? 

Food cost is the same as the cost of food that you purchase to serve to your guess for a price. Okay so the easiest way to calculate your restaurant weekly food cost percent is to divide the total amount of the weekly purchased food into your restaurant net sales. That number is your restaurant's optimum weekly food cost number. Optimum food cost means in a perfect world, that week you had no wasted food products, no food product theft and everyone on your kitchen team made every sold menu recipe item 100% correct. In essence this is a perfect week food cost. Now let us drill down into how to improve restaurants that have  food cost problems.

  • Food ordering- first check the sales projection and order what is needed to meet those sales goals, nothing extra. 
  • Check in your delivery order yourself- 75% of all missing products happens in this important step, how can you account for a product you never received off the truck.
  • FIFO
  • Check and fix all recipes if you use a back of the house computer ,garbage in garbage out.
  • Daily food count for the three highest missing products- if possible each shift should be accountable for stats.
  • Post stats for everyone to see- you can't fix a problem that is hidden. Hold all accountable
  • Thank all for the great results and repeat as needed. 
Planned Maintenance

Maintenance cost

Planned Maintenance

Detail clean equipment, floors, walls and food surface

Maintenance Cost

Planned Maintenance

​Planned maintenance is the way to go. Today in the restaurant industry many owner operators  and managers find themselves going up against high operating costs , things such as , crew and manager payroll , high food and maintenance cost. It is sometimes hard to navigate the waters. So we have come up with a few proofing tips that will help you to  address and attack your high maintenance costs and increase your bottom line profit. Let's get started.

  •  Monthly Planned Maintenance calendar. One that includes all of your restaurant equipment. 
  • Next you will need a trained and qualified person to manage all of the weekly and monthly deep cleaning tasks.
  •  To be complete you will need to fill in a monthly deep cleaning expands budget. ( budget must include total cost of task labor and cleaning supplies) 
  • So for example how much time will it take for a person to detail clean a  deep fryer that needs to be boiled out and all fryer parts cleaned. This task will usually take  2 hours to complete, so to get the total cost you paid to achieve this detail cleaning task you must now add up the 2 hours to clean times the paid salaries amount , plus the cost of the chemicals used to clean that deep fryer . This formula will give you the cost of detail cleaning the deep fryer. Now you use this same formula to cost out all of the equipment that is in the Planned Maintenance Calendar to get the total cost of the program. Remember the goal of a Planned Maintenance program is to save you money on your maintenance and repair line of the profit and loss statement. So the next step is to analyze  your M & R line to see how much money that you saved to the bottom line profit. 
  • Results, your restaurant will reduce its energy bills and equipment maintenance cost by up to 30% saving 35% in fewer equipment breakdowns and reductions downtime up to 75%. ( according to U.S. Department of Energy)
  •  Added Benefits for using a outside commercial restaurant cleaning service are,  you save money on employee's injuries and payroll because we use only our trained staff to detail clean your restaurant that protects you from worker compensation claims and high labor cost. Equipment warranty will also be protected because we provide knowledgeable trained staff  to detail clean your restaurant and we are 100% inured. We at  Jamesway Professionals  Cleaners will handle all of your restaurant kitchen detail cleaning needs. We will even detail clean your floors and walls grout lines, kitchen ceiling tiles and disinfect all of your food preparation areas for the same low monthly contract price. 
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Save on utility cost

Save on utility cost

Energy efficiency

Saving on your utility cost

Fire up/Fire down to save an your energy cost.

  • When opening your restaurant daily only power on the equipment ie lights that you need. (create a fire up list that is numbered to turn on at opening) example: turn on circuit breaker 1,2,3 and these items at opening. Oven,Grill etc
  • Turn equipment on as needed and using the staggered method. ( you utility company change you power by the demand)
  • Keep your restaurant thermostats set at 68 -70 degrees in the winter and 72- 74 degrees in the summer for every degree you thermostats is set about that will cost  you an additional $100 on your next utility bill. Also use your occupied and unoccupied setting on your thermostat to save you money when that section in the restaurant is not being used. 
  • Use your Planned Maintenance Calendar to stay on top of all HVAC , store condenses and filters are being cleaned. 
  • Clean equipment use less energy to operate.
  • Fire down all utilities when not in use.